Saturday, November 2, 2013

Daily Deals

I've totally lagged on this post for a very long time now.  From time to time I'll post up deals, but I didn't want to bombard the blog with deal post every time I write (since I barely write anways).

Since the Holidays are coming up, many brands are coming up with tons of exciting discounts for their loyal fans, so I hope to be sharing them with you all when I hear of them.  If you see any that I don't know of, let me know so I can post it on here as well.

Daily Deals:

~ Friends & Family Sale $10 palettes

Bath & Body Works:
~ Use code PUMPKIN13 for 20% off purchase, 12/7

~ Waterliner, lipstick, & free trial palette for $27.50

~ LORAC Little Lace Palettes $12 each 11/3
~ ELF Cosmetics *varies* 11/3
~ Cargo Cosmetics *varies* 11/4
~ Crown Brush *varies/good deals* 11/4 (I' want to get some of these)
~ Skinn Cosmetics *varies * 11//5

~ November 10% off code: NOV2013

Let's Go Shopping!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oh My! The Mother Lode

Tonight I was on Sephora's website looking at all the new holiday sets that came out for this season.  I haven't been keeping up with what's new so I hadn't really heard of anything that would catch my eye. But OMG I came across Urban Decay and saw the coolest Limited Edition set so far.  Technically not a holiday set, but very special indeed.  
As a Limited Edition Collectors' set, Urban Decay created and called it "The Mother Lode Shadow Set".  Eyeshadow fans you got yourself a complete set of Urban Decay's loved eyeshadows, not just a few but  68 colors in all.  Plus you also get a Build Your Own palette to pick and choose which shadows you want to carry around.

"The Mother Lode Shadow Set"

 What Sephora says:

To celebrate the relaunch of their bestselling Eyeshadow, Urban Decay created the ultimate collector’s set—a kit so exclusive, it will only be around for a limited time. The comprehensive set includes all Urban Decay’s shades in full-size, individual pop-out compacts, from super smooth mattes, pearly satins and shades loaded with shimmer and glitter, to gorgeous duotones that change color before your eyes. Use the enclosed four-pan Build Your Own Palette to create your own customized collection, and then swap out shades whenever the urge strikes.

The set retails at $595 but valued at $1234.  When I saw the price my mouth nearly dropped. Who would spend that much on shadows?  Then I got to calculating the prices and found that if you really get down to details this set is definitely quite a deal.  For an empty palette and 68 shadows, you are literally paying about $8.50 a shadow compared to the $18 retail price for each shadow.  The price for this set is about 50% off retail. 

The only thing that would be hard for me is actually forking over that much money all at one time for the set.  I tend to buy things one at a time over time not all at once.  But if you really think about it, I may be spending much more money over time than all at once.  Do I make any sense? lol.

Now if only I can pull out a whopping $600 out of my wallet then maybe just maybe I would get it.  This is definitely a collector's item and for any ultimate Urban Decay fans, but for now, I'll just stare at it and add it to my wishlist.

You can only buy the Mother Lode online at  

Who Wants This For Christmas?


Friday, October 11, 2013

Sandals for Fall?

Quick Favorite of the Summer for you guys!

Earlier in the summer I posted that I got a pair of Sam Edelman Gigi sandals and how excited I was, however after awhile I wasn't so excited.  I don't know.  The shoes weren't as comfortable as I thought it was going to be, my heels couldn't last that long, so I didn't wear them as much.

I did however pick up another pair of sandals.  It was a pair of brown Jessica Simpson sandals found at Marshalls.  Now this pair I found myself wearing it almost everywhere.  I found it more comfortable on my feet and with more support.  I definitely loved this buy.

Yes, its Fall season already and its boots season but since its practically summer here all year long, this pair will definitely be one I will still be wearing.  Need to go find me another back up pair.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Elf Cosmetics on Sale @ Target

With Elf Cosmetics being sold at such a good price who needs a discount right? Well I'm sure we all need a bit of a discount from time to time.

If you are heading to Target anytime soon make sure to check and see if your Target is discounting their Elf Cosmetics section.  I found mines discounted to 15% off which is usually the starting amount.  If you get lucky they may even discount it up to 30-50% off which is totally awesome.  The only downside would be items would probably get picked over and broken, which is why you go now.

I'm assuming that they are clearing their stock for Holiday collections coming out so once those arrive the old stock will be taken out.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coach Factory Sale 40/50% OFF Sale

Right now on Coach Factory's online website, you can get gorgeous hand bags, wallets, wristlets, and accessories up to 40% and 50% off marked down prices. *EDIT* COACH Factory will be having another sale this Labor DAY weekend starting tomorrow.  YES for all of us who missed it. Some even as low as $20. *yay*

The Coach Factory website is members-only invite so in order to place in order you'll have to get an invitation through email.  Their sales are not everyday, however when they do take place they can be awesome and showcase really good deals.  This is great for the Coach lovers that can't make it to the outlets or the malls with a Coach store.

If you would like an Email Invitation, I would be glad to send you one.  
All you'll have to do is comment below and leave your email address and I will send you a link. 

Are you a COACH Fan?


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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sephora Deal of the Day Groupon *GET IT*

If  you haven't gotten enough of Groupon (daily deal website), now is the chance to get another awesome deal on there.  For only 2 days Groupon is offering all beauty lovers a Sephora Beauty deal that we all may rarely see.  Over 25,000 deals have been bought already so get them fast girls.

Deal of the Day:

For $5 get a $10 e-giftcard to use at Sephora to buy whatever you can imagine.  

You can purchase the deal HERE!  Click the "Featured Deals" tab if you don't see it.

What an awesome deal! That's like getting an item for 50% off retail.  Pair it with Sephora's other deals and you got yourself something great!  Currently right now, Sephora is having their End of Summer Sale on their website so don't hesitate one bit. 

The only sad thing is that there is a limit.  You can purchase only one of these deals, but hey better than no deal at all. (I say get your mom/dad//friends to buy extras for you *hint*)

Now to figure out what I want to get???


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let's Eat Some Cake

Been baking quite a bit in my kitchen lately.  I get into phases like this once in awhile where I love to cook or bake certain things at a time.  I quit baking for awhile now, but finally got back into trying to discover new techniques and frosting.

Here's what I made today:

 Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Filling and Whipped Icing topped with Fresh Fruit

I love whipped iced cakes its so much lighter and not as sweet.  I don't really eat red velvet cake, but the friend insisted as she loves it so I made it for her.  Still working on getting the frosting and art work correctly but I think I'm heading the right way.