Saturday, November 2, 2013

Daily Deals

I've totally lagged on this post for a very long time now.  From time to time I'll post up deals, but I didn't want to bombard the blog with deal post every time I write (since I barely write anways).

Since the Holidays are coming up, many brands are coming up with tons of exciting discounts for their loyal fans, so I hope to be sharing them with you all when I hear of them.  If you see any that I don't know of, let me know so I can post it on here as well.

Daily Deals:

~ Friends & Family Sale $10 palettes

Bath & Body Works:
~ Use code PUMPKIN13 for 20% off purchase, 12/7

~ Waterliner, lipstick, & free trial palette for $27.50

~ LORAC Little Lace Palettes $12 each 11/3
~ ELF Cosmetics *varies* 11/3
~ Cargo Cosmetics *varies* 11/4
~ Crown Brush *varies/good deals* 11/4 (I' want to get some of these)
~ Skinn Cosmetics *varies * 11//5

~ November 10% off code: NOV2013

Let's Go Shopping!