Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Want this to happen? Running Mascara? Tarantula Eyes? NOPE!! Here's a few Mascara tips that could help you out: 1. In order to avoid have clumped mascara on your lashes, or dried globs, apply mascara to the base of lases, when pulling out, wiggle the wand just a little, to separate the lashes. 2. Never Blink!!! when putting mascara on. If you do, you'll definitely get some mascara on your eyelids, not your lashes. 3. Second Coat? Always do it before the first coat of mascara is dried. If you wait too long, the first coat becomes dried, which makes the second coat harder to put on and dry.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Okay, I'll have to admit it, but I've been super busy these past few days, all because of HIM..! Isn't He Cute!!! Not Really, but I do love watching him swim though. I've been catching up on the Olympics everyday, since I have time on my hands, and been rooting for the USA teams. I was super disappointed in the gymnastics, as I was rooting for both USA teams, but happy that at least they metaled. I'll be watching the girls tonight, and hoping that Shawn or Natsia will win the all around. *crossfingers* More makeup stuff coming soon!! OFF to the TEvLEvIOn~!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Earthy Smokey!!! Get this look by Jessica Alba to create a super gorgeous fall look! Face: Foundation~ Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Powder Creamy Natural Concealer~ Clinique Quick Corrector- Moderately Fair Bronzer~ Cargo-The Big Bronzer Medium Blush~ MAC Cosmetics- Tenderling Eyes: Eyeshadow~ MAC Cosmetics- Romp, Soft Brown Liner~ Make Up For Ever-Aqua Eyes Pearly Brown 2L Mascara~ Loreal Great Lash~ Black Lips: Sephora Slim Lip Pencil- Neutral LipGloss- Lorac Lip Polish- Bliss I have yet to try out this look, I've been super busy with watching the's consumed my time up!! Also, once I master the technique of taking pictures of myself, I"ll post it up..! simply beautiful

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fall Trends (courtesy of Sephora) We all know that no matter what skin color, hair color, or eye color we have, we all have one type of makeup that we can all wear beautiful. To become simply beautiful, all you need is this look created by NARS makeup. Earthy Smoky, uses browns, teals, and greys to create a look that is dramatic, but soft. Create a smoky eye with not black, but different shades of browns and golds, a touch of blush, and a subtle pink lipgloss to top it off. No need for the black liner or eyeshadow, toss them out and get ready for the fall with these excellent products: NARS Nars Single Eyeshadow~ Fez ($22) Nars Blush ~ Dolce Vita ($25) Nars Lipgloss ~ Female Trouble ($25) Other dupes: MAC Eyeshadow in Romp, Honey Lust, and Soft Brown Covergirl in Rock N Rose Stila Lipglaze in Gauva or Papaya As Fall gets closer, I'll be bringing you more Fall trends to be made Simple but Beautiful!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beauty Tips of the Week: Here's just a few tips that may help you fix it, do it, and keep it!!! Puffy Eyes: Whenever those puffy eyes come out, no fear. All you have to do is take a metal spoon and leave it in the fridge or freezer / or run it in cold water, once it's cool, take it and place it over the puffy area for at least 60 seconds, to ease the puffiness away. Unruly Eyebrows: Got an extra new toothbrush laying around? Don't throw it away!! To tame those unruly and stray eyebrow hairs, take a new toothbrush, and use to comb your eyebrows. Hince the toothbrush has wide and more bristles compared to the average beauty eyebrow comb. Smudged Eyeliner: You forget and ended up rubbing your eyes, to find out you just smudged your eyeliner. Water can't wipe it off? Having carmex, lip balm, chapstick, or vaseline in your purse can help. Take just a little bit with a napkin or tissue paper, and wipe the excess liner away and viola, it's totally gone. Vaseline works wonders!!! Come back next week for more beauty tips from simply beautiful!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Colour Forms Collection- July 18 Nordstrom Exclusive!! Yes, I know July 18 was ahile back, but I want to post up swatches of the pigments that I bought from that collection. This was a Nordstrom Exclusive, so I woke up bright and early to get them, since my Nordstrom only had like 6 of each color, and plus that day, they were having their annual sale. 4 of the 6 pigments were new colors, the other 2 were repromotes. I only bought the new colors since I already had the 2 repromotes which were Jardin Aires and Steel Blue. The colors that I got were Tea Time Royal Flush Circa Plum Gilded Green To me, Gilded Green and Royal Flush could be dupable with other Mac pigments. Say Royal Flush can be compared to Accent Red or Ruby Red. Gilded Green is almost the same as Golden Olive or Golder's Green. All together though, I love the colors and about time MAC made some more colors that weren't repromotes from other collections or the permanent line. So be sure to check them out, since they are only available at Nordstrom and will be gone very soon!! Here are the swatches: (L applied dry, R applied with UDPP) Tea Time, Royal Flush, Steel Blue, Circa Plum, Gilded Green, Jardin Aires Flash: W/O Flash: I love the colors and how they are super bright with the UDPP. I have yet to try them with MAC PaintPots, so we will see how bright they are with them.
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