Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga Inspired

For 2011, MAC named Lady Gaga their spokesperson for MAC Viva Glam.  This years look and color is totally different from last years collaboration with Cyndi Lauper.  For this year, Lady Gaga is elegant, with neutral makeup and very beautiful.  There will be a new lipstick and lipglass for the Viva Glam campaign which should be out at MAC stores and counters nationwide.

Lady Gaga for MAC Cosmetics

The two products:

My Inspired Gaga FOTD:

Just me

When I first saw the ad campaign for Viva Glam, I was like WOW! Lady Gaga is so beautiful, so ethereal.  Unlike last year's bright pink lipstick, this years is more neutral and laid back, which I love.  I love how the use of pinks and browns were used for the makeup and also love the styling of the fashion.

And Yes! I'm not no Gaga, so my look is probably a bit less elegant and not as close as the picture, but I tried.  I just love the subtlety of the look and know that the look is something many of us could wear.  I did not use the Viva Glam lipstick for this look as it did not come out yet when I did the look.  I do plan to pick up the lipstick and lipglass, and when I do, I'll post up some swatches and pictures.

What I used:

Neutrogena concealer, Smashbox Halo powder, MAC Tenderling Blush
MAC Bare Study p/p, Urban Decay Naked palette, MAC Studio Fix mascara, Blacktrack f/l, Shisem lashes
NYX pumpkin lipstick

Have you been Lady Gaga Inspired lately?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Sale Anyone?

I have tons of makeup lying around my room.  The husband gets overly agitated when there are lipsticks, eyeshadows, and brushes laying around everywhere. So that means, I got to do some clean up and clear some of my makeup stash out.

I just want to see if anyone would be interested in a Blog Sale!  


Stuff I got includes:

MAC palettes
MAC eyeshadows and lipsticks
Too Faced palettes and eyeshadows
Stila palettes
NARS lip items

I still have to take some pictures and figure out the pricing!  Hopefully by this weekend I'll have it up for anyone who is interested.  Let me know!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boxed Up Beauty Youtube Channel

As some of you may know, I'm co author of Boxed Up Beauty with 2 of my friends.  This blog is more of my personal beauty blog.

I have yet to do a video, but my friends Lisa and Tina have made a few review and haul videos.  Do check them out and subscribe to our Youtube Channel and our Blog

Victoria's Secret Haul

Thanks again! We love visitors! 
We are hosting a February giveaway at the moment on the blog! Come by!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nails and Sigma Code

Here's a quick Nails of the Day Look!  

I used Zoya's "Ibiza" and OPI's "Brand New Skates" for the nails.  I'm not much a nail art person. I can barely apply a decent polish on each hand.  Here it goes!

a second look*

Another thing to share:

Sigma Beauty is offering a 10% discount off code on their site:
use promo code: PEOPLE2011

Also with that 10%  discount, if you spend $30 or more, You get a FREE Gift! 
Yay I love freebies!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Are you Valentine's Ready?

January flew by so fast! February is already here and you know what that means!  
Valentine's DAY is just around the corner.

I was browsing a few websites the other day and thought about what would be great for Valentine's Day.  Meaning things I could wear, makeup colors, dinner, presents, and chocolate.  YUMMY!   For the next few days, I'll be sharing a few items from various online stores that I think will be great for Valentine's Day. 

Victoria's Secret

Its crazy not to think about Victoria's Secret for Valentine's Day.  That store gushes and oozes sexy and love.  As I was browsing online, I came upon the dresses that were available online.  Dresses are something you can barely find at the stand alone stores, so to see that Victoria's Secret is more than the normal stuff they sell is pretty awesome!

So if you are looking for a sexy and pretty dresses you can check them out HERE!

There are plenty more on the site! Prices vary, but there are some that are on sale, so get them while you can! Even if you're not going out for Valentine's Day, the dresses are awesome for night out on the town, parties, and other gatherings.

Now with the Perfect Valentine's Dress, What else do you need...?


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