Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Friend's FOTD!!
Somehow, I love putting makeup on other people, but what I find hardest, is that I can't find anyone to put it I have 3 sis, but they don't wear too much makeup, so I hate chasing them down..for me to practice, and this includes many of my friends. So after a much of friend let me do her makeup for her (ie. i don't think i'm that bad right?...see for yourself!!). I did a subtle Smokey Eye look using soft blacks and grays to create the look. She a bit darker than me, so I had to substitute some colors esp. face colors to match she won't look soo white. She wanted to not look too made up, but still pretty. After I had finished, I totally remembered that I forgot to take a before pics, so the after picture is all I got. I do hope she liked she did keep it on for the rest of day! Here she is: What I used: Face: Lola Oil Free Foundation/Concealer in DARK Translucent powder Cheek: MAC Nuance Blush Laura Gellar Bronze and brighten Eyes: MAC Carbon e/s for brows Barestudy p/p Shroom e/s Knight Divine e/s Black Tied e/s Blacktrack f/l MUFE Silver Aqua eyes liner Lips: MAC High Tea Lustre l/s Boy Bait Cremesheen Another one of just her eyes!!! DEALS For the Weekend!! STILA!!! Who doesn't love Stila products!! this weekend only -- FREE VANILLA LIP GLAZE & FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50+*use coupon code PRETTY during checkout* FREE BAREFOOT CONTESSA SHADOW & #15 DOUBLE-ENDED SHADOW BRUSH on orders of $100+*use coupon code PRETTIER during checkout* FREE SMOKY EYE TALKING PALETTE & #15 DOUBLE-ENDED SHADOW BRUSH on orders of $150+*use coupon code PRETTIEST during checkout* don't wait! this offer will expire on monday at midnight.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Little Bit of Haulin
~ A few weeks late, but I just had to show them to you guys. These items were from swaps I did on MakeupAlley, which were awesome since I've been looking for them for quite awhile, and haven't had any wanting to accept any offers from me. I did two swaps on MUA, and received these items: 25 pack MAC Blank Face Charts (can't find these anywhere) Neo Sci Fi Magnetic Fields Eyeshadow MAC for Playboy lipstick in Bunny Pink (i've been lemming for this for quite some time) ~The first swap was for the Face Charts, and the Magnetic Fields e/s. I've always wanted to experiment with my own makeup designs, and tried doing that on regular paper, and it never really turned out as good as the ones I see at the MAC store. I heard that only MAC employee receives them, and aren't sold at MAC stores, which is a bummer, cause I think I would love to see some of my creations recorded for future use. I also had been lemming for Magnetic Fields, since it sold out soo fast in the summer, I didn't get a chance to get one for myself. I like the color, since I am a neutral kind of girl, so it works well for me. ~The next swap was for the "MAC for Playboy" "Bunny Pink" lipstick. I wasn't even into MAC back then, and don't even care for Playboy, but the lipstick is super cute. I've seen only a few of these sold, so I know it is a hard to find item. I saw the listing up on MUA, and decided what the heck, I'll ask the swapper if she wants to swap, doesn't hurt in asking? right? lol. So I did, and she replied and gave it a go. I was a little hesitant at first, but after a few pictures, I do believe its a real MAC lipstick. Here's the Pics:
MAC for Playboy "Bunny Pink" lipstick- isn't it gorgeous, I love the packaging

Monday, February 23, 2009

FOTD!! Be-Lated Valentines Banquet Look!!
I did this look for a Valentines Banquet, my church was holding this past weekend. I didn't have much time to get ready, since I was up early making egg rolls, and getting my photography equipment ready for the banquet (my hubby and I are photographers....!!). I wanted to curl my hair, but ended up not having enough time, so it was straightened. Also wanted to go with a dramatic look, but ended up not liking it, and sticking with the clean kind neutral look. What I used: Face: Sonia Kasuk Face concealer Bare Minerals Foundation-medium Cheek: MAC: Lightscapade, Nuance Blush Laura Geller: Bronze and Brighten Eyes: MAC: Barestudy p/p Shroom Sable Blacktrack f/l Jane: Brownie Points for brows L'Oreal: Great Lash MUFE: Aqua Eyes silver Lips: MAC Cutester l/s Boy bait creamsheen
Do I look Ready for the Banquet? lol!!!
bye bye!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty

Enter MAC Hello Kitty Contest!! Prizes are AWESOME!!! Win the whole Collection!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Deals!!!
CVS: All L'Oreal Cosmetics Buy One Get One Free (this week only) *go get those HIPs girls!* Stila: 2 DAYS ONLY!! BIG beauty savings + Free Shipping! for 2 days only...there are 9 new beautiful ways to save on stila - check them out! Click Here: Stila savings!!! AND, when you buy any of the exclusive online sets featured on this page, you get free shipping! just enter coupon code BIGBEAUTY at checkout. Bobbi Brown: Last Chance to Shop Favorites: Plus Free shipping (enter code: LAST ) Free Shipping on Any Order
Copper Diamond Mini Brush Set - $55.00

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Very Be-Lated Valentines!!!!
So having read about everyone's awesome Valentines weekend, I feel bad for not updating everyone about mines. I guess its still not to late to update right? lol. So I had a great 3 day weekend, seeing that Monday was a holiday, so I got some rest and tried not to do much other than enjoy life. My husband and I did have a great Valentines, however we had to attend to a few other things, so we had to work around the love holiday. He did however get me some goodies and took me out to eat on Sunday and we just had a relaxing weekend. He's such an awesome husband, and even though he isnt as romantic as others out there, I know he tries, he's gotten better from the previous years, imo. I love him still! Here are the goodies I got:
A plush Lion, a card that he personally recorded a message for me in, a Chocolates!
This is so representative of the husband, I love the heart as the lions hair. It evens purrs and giggles.....!! lol
A picture of me and the lion!!
Sorry, I've just been soo tired! with full time work and school, trying to update as much as I can!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Special Day with their loved ones!! I'm super happy I have 3 day weekend, with President's Day on Monday!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What to do with Valentines?
Here's my Valentines Look that I did pretty quick for tonight: (hope u likes) ~ I did a heavier eye look with copper reds/purples and did a subtle soft color for cheek and lips. Overall its something I would wear out for dinner, probably not for the daytime!! What I used: Face: Sonia Kasuk Concealer Bare Minerals Med Foundation Cheek: MAC Nuance Laura Geller Bronze & Brighten (for contour) Eyes: MAC: Perky Paint Pot Trax e/s Coppering Mythology Beauty Marked Shroom Blacktrack Fluidline Jane Brownie Points L'oreal Voluminous Mascara Lips: MAC Cremesheen Boy Bait
"Look my big nose!!! lol"
Last minute Deals: Shu Uemura: Free shipping over $35 (enter code: FEB09) Bobbi Brown: Free shipping ends tomorrow (enter code: SPARKLE) Clinique: Free Shipping & Free Treat (enter code: IMPACT ) ~ Enjoy Free Take the Day Off Makeup Remover and Free Shipping

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SimplyBeautiful TIPS
How to fix a pimple forming: ~ Do you feel a bump forming under your skin? Is it red? If you, take an ice cube wrapped in paper towel and ice the affected area a few times a day. This should calm the redness and soothe the pimple. How to undo a fix an overload of blush: ~ Blend a some translucent powder with a powder brush onto the cheeks and blend over the blush. Blend towards the apple of cheek to create more of a natural cheek blush. How to fix a beauty gone wrong: You cut your bangs too short!!! ~ Don't wanna show your short bangs off? Pull them back!! Pull back your bangs along with some of your top hair. Tease the back of the pulled hair...and spray with some hair spray....and clip it together with bobby pins or clips to form a hair bump. Either leave your hair down like the picture above or pull it up in a pony tail. Your hair bump could be a heavy poof or just pulled back with help of gel or hair spray. Need help? Ask, and I'll try to find answers for you!! I'm no expert at makeup, style, nor anything, but I'm willing to learn along with everyone too! This just gives me an extra incentive to find out things I don't know and try to fix them to make it better!! (sources: style101, instyle)

Monday, February 9, 2009

HOW DO YOU GIRLS FIND TIME TO BLOG??? Like an earlier post, I am a super busy woman. On top of that, I can't blog at work due to you know all that security stuff that happens at a financial company. So yeah, I wait till I come home to blog, by that time, it's usually late, I'm stuck doing homework, cook for the lunch for the next day..and try to get some beauty sleep. I NEED SOME HELP!! If any of you have some tips on blogging...let me know!! Also, Where and what places do you blog?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Daily Deals (Valentines Week Deals)
"Ends Sunday!! $10 off Any $50 Valentines Day Shop Purchase" Victoria Secret (enter code: LOVEVS) "Give Your Friends Some LOVE" Kiehl's (complimentary ground shipping when you order $30 or more placed by FEB. 11th) (enter code: LOVE ) "3 mini lipstick, 3 new looks!" Clinique (with any $40 purchase, limit one per client) (enter code: LIP) Have Fun Shopping!!! I know I will! Cremesheen Haul Coming Soon!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Blogging has been put kinda on hold at the moment until I get my exams over with this week. I have two classes that I have first exams on also what kills, is that those two classes are back to back. I work full time and go to school full time so its hard to update as much as I can, sorry!!

I have Business Calculas and Marketing exams this week, so I"ll have to go do some studying.

But before I go, I wanna do some shopping (lol) with what monies..haha..

After reading every blog out there, I've started lemming for certain products, so I'm on my to find them and try them out!

Here's my list for the year: (as of right now, lol)

~ BB Creams- after reading everyone's blogs about them, I want to try, but I'm unsure of what color to choose, I so wish someone was selling samples or something in that matter so I can try if I like right?

~ Mondom makeup remover- anything that removes makeup greatly is good in my book.

~ Dior Mascara- if only it wasn't soo dang expensive

~ Stila Pearl Palette- I swatched this at sephora, and I loved the colors!!

~ MUFE- all their products, everything from the eyeliners to the HD foundations!

~ Urban Decay- need I say more? love their eyeshadows...Primer Potion in Sin

~ Skincare: I'm still on my search for the perfect skin care for my face...:(

~ MAC Cosmetics: expand my hefty I really need more? yes, a girl can't have enough of MAC right? I really want the Hello Kitty!!!

That's all I can think of at the moment...I know I would eventually want more....!!!

So I leave you with some Food Pictures..(well just one) My attempt at CRAB CAKES???

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Makes Men Blush"

OPI Nail Polishes are made to last and they do!!

I recently just got into OPI nail polishes and aquired a few bottles to try out. Due to the expensive prices for a bottle, it took me a while before I really wanted to try them. I would always see them in salons or in other MUA members pictures, but had never tried them. I eventually got a few in swaps on MUA and bought some cheap ones from others. I also found a local asian spa supply store that were selling them plus other brands like China Glaze for like $2-3 a bottle (what a steal!!). Its too bad, I went back like a few months later, and they disappeared..haha..they were I guess I have to keep searching for another spa supplier.....

Review: OPI Nail Polish "Makes Men Blush"


~ This bottle came in the new Pro Wide Brush applicator that really helps out when applying. ~ Perfect nude color with just a hint of pink- makes it look like you have natural but polished nails ~ I love how the bottle is shaped in a way you can hold instead of the usual tall nail polishes. ~ Color payoff is pretty good, takes just two coats to get my desired shade. ~ Lasts a long time. Depending on what you do daily, OPI nail polishes usually last longer than many brands out there.


~ A little on the runny side. Its not a thick consistency so it may be harder to apply. ~ May not have the color payoff that is desired for many people ~ Expensive at about $6-$8 a bottle, depending on where you buy it.


I would love to get more colors from OPI and especially when they come out with exciting collections. I think the most recent one from like OPI France. There are a few colors that I want to get from other collections, so when I do, I'll review them here. Other than the price, I would encourage everyone to get or try them, I do think that they are pretty well worth it.

Places to buy them:

Local Nail/Hair Salons Asian spa suppliers/wholesale Trade Secret Nail Polish Diva Hello-gorgeous Bealls Outlet (i've seen like 2 bottles for like 6 dollars, so that's awesome too!)

SimplyBeautiful Tips:

~ Take advantage of the Pro Wide brush applicator. ~ Start on the side and work your way from one side to the other. ~ Don't apply too much at one time, it will look gloppy if done so. ~ Wait for it to dry some before applying second coat of polish. ~ Always use top coat to make the polish last twice as long.

Now Get Painting Girls!!!!