Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SimplyBeautiful TIPS
How to fix a pimple forming: ~ Do you feel a bump forming under your skin? Is it red? If you, take an ice cube wrapped in paper towel and ice the affected area a few times a day. This should calm the redness and soothe the pimple. How to undo a fix an overload of blush: ~ Blend a some translucent powder with a powder brush onto the cheeks and blend over the blush. Blend towards the apple of cheek to create more of a natural cheek blush. How to fix a beauty gone wrong: You cut your bangs too short!!! ~ Don't wanna show your short bangs off? Pull them back!! Pull back your bangs along with some of your top hair. Tease the back of the pulled hair...and spray with some hair spray....and clip it together with bobby pins or clips to form a hair bump. Either leave your hair down like the picture above or pull it up in a pony tail. Your hair bump could be a heavy poof or just pulled back with help of gel or hair spray. Need help? Ask, and I'll try to find answers for you!! I'm no expert at makeup, style, nor anything, but I'm willing to learn along with everyone too! This just gives me an extra incentive to find out things I don't know and try to fix them to make it better!! (sources: style101, instyle)


Jerah197 said...

really great tips!! thank you

GiLiNG said...

Hi gurlie!

Thanks for the comment!
And of course great tips.