Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Makes Men Blush"

OPI Nail Polishes are made to last and they do!!

I recently just got into OPI nail polishes and aquired a few bottles to try out. Due to the expensive prices for a bottle, it took me a while before I really wanted to try them. I would always see them in salons or in other MUA members pictures, but had never tried them. I eventually got a few in swaps on MUA and bought some cheap ones from others. I also found a local asian spa supply store that were selling them plus other brands like China Glaze for like $2-3 a bottle (what a steal!!). Its too bad, I went back like a few months later, and they disappeared..haha..they were I guess I have to keep searching for another spa supplier.....

Review: OPI Nail Polish "Makes Men Blush"


~ This bottle came in the new Pro Wide Brush applicator that really helps out when applying. ~ Perfect nude color with just a hint of pink- makes it look like you have natural but polished nails ~ I love how the bottle is shaped in a way you can hold instead of the usual tall nail polishes. ~ Color payoff is pretty good, takes just two coats to get my desired shade. ~ Lasts a long time. Depending on what you do daily, OPI nail polishes usually last longer than many brands out there.


~ A little on the runny side. Its not a thick consistency so it may be harder to apply. ~ May not have the color payoff that is desired for many people ~ Expensive at about $6-$8 a bottle, depending on where you buy it.


I would love to get more colors from OPI and especially when they come out with exciting collections. I think the most recent one from like OPI France. There are a few colors that I want to get from other collections, so when I do, I'll review them here. Other than the price, I would encourage everyone to get or try them, I do think that they are pretty well worth it.

Places to buy them:

Local Nail/Hair Salons Asian spa suppliers/wholesale Trade Secret Nail Polish Diva Hello-gorgeous Bealls Outlet (i've seen like 2 bottles for like 6 dollars, so that's awesome too!)

SimplyBeautiful Tips:

~ Take advantage of the Pro Wide brush applicator. ~ Start on the side and work your way from one side to the other. ~ Don't apply too much at one time, it will look gloppy if done so. ~ Wait for it to dry some before applying second coat of polish. ~ Always use top coat to make the polish last twice as long.

Now Get Painting Girls!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary! OPI is awesome! Sadly, I'm not such a big nail person :( but it's something I'm very very interested to explore! :) Thanks for sharing this post.

Thanks so much for the comment in my blog sweetie! And the gift? Wow! What can I say...I totally appreciate it. You are such a darling! My email is :)

melvel said...
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melvel said...

Best place to buy OPI is from online retailers like and (less than $5 a bottle). also carries OPI, but at slightly higher prices than H2T and 8ty8.