Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Want some Dior?
So last night, I was going through some cosmetics sites and signing up for their newsletters and emails. I came across Dior Beauty and was perusing the site just a little bit and signed up. I haven't bought anything from Dior just because it's more than my budget can allow me, though they do have some eye pleasing products. The only item that I've ever sampled was the Dior Mascara, and I think one day possibly i'll get one, but I'm still working on that. We'll one thing I came across the Dior site, wasn't the cosmetics itself, but the Dior Diva VIP Rewards Program. If you are an avid Dior Beauty Cosmetics buyer, I think you'll love this Rewards Program. Basically it's a rewards program like every other rewards program out there, just that the reward is Dior cosmetics. Per the site, for every $1 you spend on Dior cosmetics, you get one point. The more points you collect, the closer you get to redeeming them for some Dior samples and full size products. Though the products may vary at each points level, according to their description on the site of what you can get, is pretty nice. All you have to do is collect your reciepts and when you are ready to reedem, just send them in to Dior and they will send you your reward. The rewards starts off at 100 points, and you receive like Dior travel size best products in a small Dior pouch. Then the points go on from there to like 1000. I imagine that since most of Dior cosmetics are pretty pricey, you can acheive those points very fast and receive your rewards in no time. The most you would have to spend to get the highest level of the rewards would be about $1000. That's way over my budget for right now, maybe over like 5 years, I'll get there, but overall, the rewards are pretty good, and consider the quality of Dior, is pretty solid. So any you Dior addicts or wannabe's (me of course lol), get in on the program and get your rewards. Hey it's like getting something extra for spending right? I hope so! Or, you could just send your receipt right to my mailbox, and I can redeem them, just kidding..! More details at Dior
Get items like these from Dior:
Dior 5-color shadow- $54
Dior Lip Gloss : $24.50

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