Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Aqua Eyes -Silver- Eye liner Review:

I've had this product for awhile now, but haven't gotten around to review it. This is also my first actual MakeUpForever Product that I own. Here's what Sephora says: Aqua Eyes

What it is: A two-in-one eyeshadow and liner pencil. What it does: These waterproof eyeshadow and eye liner pencils contain a unique formula that adheres to the eyelids and resists water even under the most extreme conditions, without running or fading.

I've seen and heard many reviews on MUFE (makeupforever) products, that their products are very pigmented, long lasting, and very professional, especially their aqua eyes liners. My time spent at Sephora every time I went was partially in front of the MUFE stand swatching the eyeliners but walking out empty handed without them. It may have been due to it's price cause I just couldn't justify spending that much on an eyeliner. However, I received a MUFE eyeliner in swap awhile back and I've been super happy with it. Aqua Eye liner in Silver 8L (metallic silver) Pros: ~ Very smooth application. NO tugging what so ever on my lids and even when I swatch it. ~ Long lasting. At the end of the night I still see the silver liner there, very comparable to gel liners. ~ Bright and very pigmented. ~ Good for oily eyelids like mines. ~ Come in variety of colors ~ Waterproof. Test it, you'll see it works. Cons: ~ There aren't many cons that I can think of. So far it works for me ~ Price. I almost couldn't justify buying it for that price. $16 for one Overall: I would love to buy more, but currently I am still saving up to get them. I have gone and swatched regular colors like black and brown and they are still good. I have super oily lids, and currently I use MAC fluidlines, maybe I could switch over to MUFE liners, to cut the time of applying liner in half rite? lol. When I do take into consideration on how good the product is, price doesn't really matter, so this is a must have in everyone's collection!!. I might just have to get those holiday sets before they are gone forever... Get them @: Sephora Stores and Retails: $16 each.


**If you didn't get the Holiday Aqua Eyes gift set from MAKEUPFORVER for Christmas (for example ME!!), lo and behold, Sephora still has them up on their site, but for limited of time only. As the holidays are over, Sephora may only have a limited stock and will run out soon. So hurry and them.**

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