Friday, October 24, 2008

Sorry for the delay, got a new i've been super busy!! Here's a two lipsticks that I got awhile back at MAC. I usually don't wear lipstick, but thought I 'll give it a try, and venture into something that I never use. Until this purchase, I only had 1 MAC lipstick, and that was the lipstick 1N from the N collection. I have other lipsticks but nothing special. So the two lipstick I got were Ladybug and High Tea. I thought I try and be bold and get a red and get a nude lipstick, since I like nudes. Both are lustre finishes, so it might take a few swipes to get a bold color, but I like soft, and too striking colors anyways. Here I am wearing High Tea. Here I am wear Ladybug: You like? I'm still learning how to wear lipstick. I can so put it on others, but not on me. I also have to get use to wearing while I'm eating and drinking water. I guess I'll have to go do some research and find some tips for you ladies out there like me! laters!

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Yas said...

Those are both gorgeous colors hottie! Ugh...I so want High Tea now!