Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beauty Empties (A First!)

I must admit it, I do love collecting beauty items.  It just sits there and look pretty whether it be eye shadow palettes, skin care samples, mascaras, eye liners, or blush.  There are some items that I forget that I even have because of the clutter of samples and items I don't touch or have it in a different bin. I tell myself I will eventually get to it and use it however I don't.  Maybe its too pretty to use or I should save it.  That's been my mentality so far.

However that's not quite the mentality of the Mr. All he sees is just a clutter mess of items that I don't use and just collect.  I mean he collects stuff too so he doesn't say much, but I do admit my vanity can be a mess at times.

So in light of my ever cluttered vanity mess, I decided to go about doing Beauty Empties post about products that I have finally used or cleared out.  I need to do this, so this will motivate me to use the items I have and then be able to buy more! Yay to that.

Jan-Feb empties:

1. Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer & Highlighter
          ~ I picked up this Concealer/Highlighter on a whim. The color was a bit off but not something I couldn't work with.  The concealer was creamy and easy to work with but not as matte nor full coverage as I would have liked.  I didn't really use the highlighter as much as it was too light for my skin and did not show up much.
Repurchase: I probably would not repurchase

2. Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette - Hidden Agenda 07
          ~ I've had this for some time now and decided to finish it. I like that it does have three different concealer colors however for me, I had to blend two of the colors together to get what I needed. The powder was okay but a little hard to use. The consistency is pretty good its just the colors may not match well.  Overall this is a good concealer palette to try out.
Repurchase: Yes I would

3. MAC C-Thru Lipglass
          ~ This is one of my favorite MAC lipglasses. Its a nude pink color with a like pink shimmer.  Other than the stickier consistency (which is common) I like the product.
Repurchase: Yes I would

4. MAC Nuance Blush
           ~ One of my Favorite blushes that I use often. I'm already on my second one which is close to being done as well. Blush colors are coral and pink with hints of shimmer.  The only con would be that it is limited edition. I had to look all over for my second one. So you anyone has a spare and don't need it, send it my way!!
Repurchase: Yes if I can find one

There goes my first list of empties.  I hope I get through more this month at least one.

Use it up!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inspirations: Spring Pastels

Spring Inspirations

Victoria's Secret victoria s secret / Rare London low high dress, $28 / Jimmy Choo wedge sandals / ALDO clutch / Miss Selfridge yellow gold jewelry / Gorjana / Prima > Fairytale Roses > Orchid Fairytale Roses: A Cherry On Top / BEAUTIFUL PRINT | mirrors/wall decor | accessories | Jayson Home &...

So glad pastels are still in for Spring 2013.  I am totally loving all the light and spring colors that are in right now.  I just love how light and airy this Spring trend is; just of a feeling of being refreshed.  Now I just got to get shopping and fill the closets.

I'm Totally Ready for Spring! 


Friday, March 8, 2013

Time for a new bag??

My purse that I've been using is pretty old and worn out.  So I've been meaning to get a new bag for some time now.  I just haven't found any that I liked or may work out for me.

I like bigger bags like totes and shoulder bags. I tend to carry lots of stuff as well especially with a new baby, a bigger bag will definitely help out instead of carrying a diaper bag and my purse. I don't seem as picky when shopping for purses, but somehow I never end up with one I really like.  It takes me so much time to pick one out that I just quit. Looking for the right length, size, and material is pretty much what I really look for.

So today while I was browsing on Ebay, I decided to look up some purses on the site.  Surprisingly, I did find a few non brand bags that I kind of liked and would probably buy.  They are pretty cheap too which is a plus.  The only downside would be that I can't see them in person so I can't try them on and can't feel the material.

Here's what I found so far:

Which one do you think I should get? I really like the last one, however not in black but in the gray color which is not available.  I'm a little hesitant if I should get one on Ebay like I said earlier about not seeing it in person.  The prices are pretty cheap all under $20, which is good in my wallet.  I would love to have all those high end bags as well, but my wallet is totally not having it at the moment, so none of those at the moment.

I'll definitely keep an eye out again for more bags I may like and share them with you. Let me know if you have a bagI may like. Share!

Have you bought purses on EBAY before?


**photos are linked to ebay shop**

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sneak Peek! Hautelook Haul!

Remember my post a few weeks ago regarding theBalm Cosmetics being on sale on Hautelook here?

So I finally received my items I purchased and am ready to do a review and post up pics. 

Here's a Sneak Peek at my first Hautelook Haul!  Review will be coming soon.