Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stila Back to School Beauty Kit - $15

Head to Class in Style!  That's what Stila is offering all the lovely ladies with.  
No need to suffer summer blues anymore!

For just $15, you get four  items that is offered through 

The Back to School kit includes:
-illuminating mosturizer
-eye shadow trio
-lip glaze
-sample of primer

A Kit that was originally sold for $38, now selling for $15.  That's a steal! I definitely would get this.  The eyeshadow trio looks amazing as well as the lipglaze.  This Kit covers everything you need to get ready for your school day! Moisturize your face, swipe on some shadow color, shine on your lips, and you're ready to GO!  This kit can be purchased online on

Have you gotten this set yet?  Great for Back to school!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beauty Survival Kit Series: No. 1

Beauty Survival Kit Series: No. 1

Every girl needs a survival kit with her where ever she goes.  I have one. I have one in the car, so I can fix anything I need when I need it most.  Whether you are late for work, out to dinner, meeting some cute guy, or just going to the gym, you definitely will have times when the one beauty item you need is not there and you'll have to go without.  If there is ever a mishap with your makeup, hosiery, hem, or hair, with your kit, you'll have it covered and good to go.  I'll be posting a series of items that I have that works for me!

Clear Gloss or Chapstick

No need to go on about your day with dry lips and no color.  A handy clear gloss will enhance the natural colors of your lips while chapstick will keep them moisturized.  No dry lips kissing others, but a soft and luscious one to have.  You could even throw in your favorite lipgloss for some color if needed.

My Favorite chapstick is from the brand Softlip in Vanilla.  I love the feeling it gives and the smell.  It moisturizes the needs of my lips and keeps them soft throughout the day!  They even have a variety of colors to suit every ones' needs.

Keep it handy girls! Your lips will thank you!

What do you use to keep your lips moisturized?


Monday, September 20, 2010

Hautelook Beauty Week

Who doesn't love Beauty Week! 

Hautelook is hosting a Beauty Week Sale this week.  Starting today, various beauty brands will be sold on its site for much less than retail.  The only catch is that only certain brands will be sold on certain days; limited amounts of products available, and you have to sign up.

NYX Cosmetics
and many many more!

I've already been eyeing some Stila products! Maybe I'll have to get some. Just make sure that you have time left before its over. Once time is up, its gone forever!  I'm looking forward to what they have to offer for DDF Brand, as I love their cleansers and moisturizers: need to stock up! It is super neat that Hautelook is doing a beauty week, instead of mixing it with other products.  All in one is what I like!

You can sign up on Hautelook as a new member or use our affiliate link: Join Hautelook


Friday, September 17, 2010

Rock and Republic????

I know I've been out of the loop for some LONG Time now.  Life has stalled me way behind and blogging is the last thing on my mind.  I love to write and think, so I do miss blogging. I'll eventually find the time to do so.

So what's the Deal with all this commotion of the Rock & Republic Blushers?
It seems that every blog and every facebook post I see is about these blushers?  I know there was a sale on Hautelook awhile back where they on sale for a great price.  So far from what I've seen its much about the hype of everyone trying them and how good they are.  Yikes for retail price of $40? not sure if I want to spend it all on one blusher, but I'm glad lots of people got them for cheap in the sales.  

Now for me it comes down to a few questions:  Do I really need more blushers? (I have way too many) Are they worth the $40 or even the $24 it was on sale for?  (IDK)  Are they really that much better than ones out in the cosmetics world?  

I do honestly want to try one blush out to see for myself.  Not sure when, but hopefully if one of those sales come along, I'll definitely check it out.  But for now, my $40 is gonna have to stay in my pocket. 
Do you like R&R Blushers?  Are they worth it?