Monday, September 20, 2010

Hautelook Beauty Week

Who doesn't love Beauty Week! 

Hautelook is hosting a Beauty Week Sale this week.  Starting today, various beauty brands will be sold on its site for much less than retail.  The only catch is that only certain brands will be sold on certain days; limited amounts of products available, and you have to sign up.

NYX Cosmetics
and many many more!

I've already been eyeing some Stila products! Maybe I'll have to get some. Just make sure that you have time left before its over. Once time is up, its gone forever!  I'm looking forward to what they have to offer for DDF Brand, as I love their cleansers and moisturizers: need to stock up! It is super neat that Hautelook is doing a beauty week, instead of mixing it with other products.  All in one is what I like!

You can sign up on Hautelook as a new member or use our affiliate link: Join Hautelook


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