Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Finds

When I have time, weekends are all about what I can find and share. Whether its clothes, purses, makeup, Shoes, or fun, I love my weekends. 

Here's a few things from this Weekend:


From Marshalls

       Barielle Manicure Set                            Carlos Santana Boots on clearance

Michael Kors small crossbody bag

My weekend went by too fast! Ate out way too much, pictures to come.  I know it is only Monday, but I'm already ready for this week to end.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Cute is This! *Scotch Dispenser*

So I was browsing my phone the other day in ShopKicks and found this ad. 
I thought it was the Cutest and Coolest thing ever!  

 (via my iphone)

Online Picture

Who would have thought to create something like this?  A Shoe Scotch Tape Dispenser and not only that its a shoe, its a Stiletto Shoe.  Its amazing how people can be so created. I can definitely see this on any fashionista's desk.  I have yet to see it at the store, but I may want to check that out soon!

It would be super Crazy if it came in like pink leopard color, neon colors, animal prints, etc.  That would be Awesome!  Plus for $8.99 that's a pretty good value!  I'm guessing Office Depot carries this, but I could be wrong, its best to look around and see if your office supplies stores carry them. I looked online to find some and Office Max also carries them as well.

Would you buy something like this?


*I am not affiliated with said company or received any compensation for mention*

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fashion Trend 2012

So according to Lucky Magazine article on Yahoo Shopping, there is about 20 new Fashion Trends that will be out this Spring.  I haven't seen much buzz about some them, maybe I'm just not paying to much attention cause its about Spring/Summer here year round.

The blog lists everything from belts, shoes, to clothes.  Some of the trends I love and some I'll have to get accustomed to.  But there is a few that I love and looking forward to getting this Spring or maybe even now.

New Trends

These are some of my favorite accessories to have especially for Spring and Summer! 
What do you think?


*Information courtesy of Lucky Mag and images created on Polyvore*

Sunday, January 22, 2012

20% off at ULTA *this week only*

Makeup, who doesn't LOVE it!  I love it even more when I can get it even cheaper.
This week only ULTA is giving you a break from spending all of your hard earned money.

Receive 20% off entire Purchase now thru January 28th.
Use Code online: 62714  or  Print coupon for instore purchase.

Other Deals at Ulta this week:

Ulta Your Beauty Destination

I know I shouldn't, but I think I'll be shopping a bit more this week!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I made some Chocolate Chip Cookies last night and is enjoying them right now! Though not made from scratch like usual, they were still yummy! I haven't baked for some time now, its nice to bake! its Fun.

I'm soo Ready for the Weekend! This week went by pretty fast.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Sephora Haul

For my Graduation gift, my SIL's gave me a Sephora Gift Card since they know I love makeup and I can be picky as well.  I originally already spent tons when Sephora had their F&F sale, so I didn't know what else to get.  I got a few things that were on sale and what I've been lemming for.

Here's a quick look:

 Tokidoki Palette, Benefit One Prime Day Set, SephoraOPI Metro Chic, Tarte Blush

 All opened up for you to SEE!

I'm on the fence with a few of the products. I swatched some of the eyeshadows from the Tokidoki Palette and I'm not sure I'm loving it. I may end up giving it to my sister or returning it for something else at Sephora.  I used some of the Benefit primers, but haven't used it enough or maybe long enough.  I still have to use Metro Chic, but from what I heard its a nice taupe color, hopefully it suits my skin color well.  As for the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy, I think I ordered the wrong color. It looks too orangey for me, as I thought from swatches it would be more of a coral color.  I'll probably return it for a different color as I've been wanting to try the Tarte blushes.

Let me know if you guys want to see swatches or review on these before I change my mind.  I hope to at least like them to keep.

 Are these Keepers?


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sigma Beauty 10% off Code *only a few weeks left*

I toootally forgot about this coupon code. Sorry I didn't share it with you guys.  I'm sure you may have seen it already on other blogs or on Youtube.  But here it is:

Now through January 31st, Receive 10% off any Entire Purchase at Sigma Beauty

Use Code at checkout: 0112XJML 

Since January is almost over, there's only a short amount of time left to use the discount. 10% may not sound like alot, but a little helps all the time.
Ideas of what you can get:

Now this just came out this Holiday season. I soo want this set! 

18K Gold Complete Kit : Extravaganza 

This Looks Awesome! Maybe a Clairsonic Dupe??

A Must have for all Beauty Lovers:  Essential Kit

Get all your Beauty Needs online at Sigma Beauty!

Use Code at checkout: 0112XJML


*This post contains an affiliate link, in which I may be paid commissions when a purchase is made through the link.*