Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Cute is This! *Scotch Dispenser*

So I was browsing my phone the other day in ShopKicks and found this ad. 
I thought it was the Cutest and Coolest thing ever!  

 (via my iphone)

Online Picture

Who would have thought to create something like this?  A Shoe Scotch Tape Dispenser and not only that its a shoe, its a Stiletto Shoe.  Its amazing how people can be so created. I can definitely see this on any fashionista's desk.  I have yet to see it at the store, but I may want to check that out soon!

It would be super Crazy if it came in like pink leopard color, neon colors, animal prints, etc.  That would be Awesome!  Plus for $8.99 that's a pretty good value!  I'm guessing Office Depot carries this, but I could be wrong, its best to look around and see if your office supplies stores carry them. I looked online to find some and Office Max also carries them as well.

Would you buy something like this?


*I am not affiliated with said company or received any compensation for mention*


Shop N' Chomp said...

I love the creativity too! I think I saw this at Staples. They also had one in the shape of a red lip. ;D

oomph. said...

haha, i have this! bought a red wedge shoe for my girlfriend, too!