Friday, September 25, 2009

I Loathe IKEA!!!
I Want this or one of these Drawers!!!!
So I have been to like IKEA like almost every week! literally since they opened here this MAY. I just love to look around and discover new things I didn't see the last time I went. Though usually I don't buy anything (no monies) I still love going there and see their showrooms, and what I can get to decorate my room and my future home!! I've seen these drawers a few places in the store and omy, How I want thee! LOL. Whenever I see them, I think of how all my makeup can fit into them and not have to always stuff my traincase or have makeup all over the place. I love the one with wheels, cause it can go anywhere and its small enough to be able to push around. The 9 drawer one is omy its has smaller drawers then gradually gets bigger, which is good for like eyeshadows in the first ones, then like bottles and bags on the bottom ones. $119, I guess that's not bad, its hard to find these kinds of drawers else where, but $119 is a lot too when you don't have any, lol. One day you'll be MINE!!!!! FIND THEM HERE: IKEA
ALEX = $119 (6 drawers on coasters) "This drawer can go anywhere!! I like it a lot!"
ALEX= $119 (drawer unit 9 drawers) "You know how much makeup and junk I could put in there!! LOL"
How do you store your makeup?