Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Very Be-Lated Valentines!!!!
So having read about everyone's awesome Valentines weekend, I feel bad for not updating everyone about mines. I guess its still not to late to update right? lol. So I had a great 3 day weekend, seeing that Monday was a holiday, so I got some rest and tried not to do much other than enjoy life. My husband and I did have a great Valentines, however we had to attend to a few other things, so we had to work around the love holiday. He did however get me some goodies and took me out to eat on Sunday and we just had a relaxing weekend. He's such an awesome husband, and even though he isnt as romantic as others out there, I know he tries, he's gotten better from the previous years, imo. I love him still! Here are the goodies I got:
A plush Lion, a card that he personally recorded a message for me in, a Chocolates!
This is so representative of the husband, I love the heart as the lions hair. It evens purrs and giggles.....!! lol
A picture of me and the lion!!
Sorry, I've just been soo tired! with full time work and school, trying to update as much as I can!


GiLiNG said...

that lion is too cute!!

Jerah197 said...

cute goodies!! especially the lion :)

angie519 said...

The lion is adorable! haha. I always associate stuffed animals w/looking like guys I know haha.

Aww goodluck with school!