Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fall Trends (courtesy of Sephora) We all know that no matter what skin color, hair color, or eye color we have, we all have one type of makeup that we can all wear beautiful. To become simply beautiful, all you need is this look created by NARS makeup. Earthy Smoky, uses browns, teals, and greys to create a look that is dramatic, but soft. Create a smoky eye with not black, but different shades of browns and golds, a touch of blush, and a subtle pink lipgloss to top it off. No need for the black liner or eyeshadow, toss them out and get ready for the fall with these excellent products: NARS Nars Single Eyeshadow~ Fez ($22) Nars Blush ~ Dolce Vita ($25) Nars Lipgloss ~ Female Trouble ($25) Other dupes: MAC Eyeshadow in Romp, Honey Lust, and Soft Brown Covergirl in Rock N Rose Stila Lipglaze in Gauva or Papaya As Fall gets closer, I'll be bringing you more Fall trends to be made Simple but Beautiful!

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Julie said...

I'm lusting after that Dolce Vita blush so bad!