Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Want this to happen? Running Mascara? Tarantula Eyes? NOPE!! Here's a few Mascara tips that could help you out: 1. In order to avoid have clumped mascara on your lashes, or dried globs, apply mascara to the base of lases, when pulling out, wiggle the wand just a little, to separate the lashes. 2. Never Blink!!! when putting mascara on. If you do, you'll definitely get some mascara on your eyelids, not your lashes. 3. Second Coat? Always do it before the first coat of mascara is dried. If you wait too long, the first coat becomes dried, which makes the second coat harder to put on and dry.


Askmewhats said...

ohh that photo gave me the goosebumps! i'd kill myself if It happened to me! LOL not literally kill! :(

Julie said...

Aww, maybe if her eyes were red we could say she was crying, LOL.

I always poke myself when I apply mascara -_- Hence why I rarely wear mascara! I used to wear it everyday. Don't know what happened, lol.