Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Eyed Beauty FOTD

One color I tend to not use often is Blue. Maybe as a kid and being asian, I was turned off by the typical asian look, blue eyeshadow and pink/red lips.  So as I got older and more into makeup, I strayed away from blues, as it was hard to make it look right on me.  I like greys and dark blues, but anything that was light blue or bright blue? Nah, not my cup of tea. 

Only recently did I discover that bright blue is a nice colorful color and maybe I can make it work for my eyes.

Here's my attempt:

Bright Blue FOTD

 eyes closed

with the glasses

eyes closed with glasses

Products used:

Face: MAC nw25 concealer, EDM powder, MAC Gingerly blush
Eyes: Smashbox lid primer, MAC Sea Me shadestick, Fyrianne Mischeivous Puck pigment, Coastal Scents Warm Palette (blue/grey colors), MAC ......liner!!!!lafihe, Essence brow powder
MAC Studio Fix mascara,
Lips: MAC Bare slimshine, MAC 2n lipstick

In order to keep the eyeshadow subtle and not soo bright, I added a soft smokey look and blended both colors together.  I kept the bright blue just right on the lid and then blended it out, but it still maintains the blue color.  I also lined my eye with a bright blue liner instead of lining it with a black color.  I loved how that when my eyes are opened, the eyeshadow is a soft smokey look, but bam! its a whole new color when my eyes are close! I love surprises!

How often do you wear BLUE eyeshadow?



Serena said...

LOL @ the typical asian look, blue eyeshadow and pink/red lips.
I got this mental pictures of this one lady who works at a dim sum place I used to go to. Her make up was just too much.

I think you did a great job using blues. That's a really pretty shade of blue you use. Looks like you did a smokey eye look with a bright blue color.

I usually just wear blue liner on my lower lash line. I don't think I've done a bright blue look before.

<3 Serena.

Rena said...

I want to try different colors other than brown and black but I just can't make myself since it makes me look like I have puffy eyes in pictures!

It looks tempting to try out though!

<33 Rena

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I usually stay away from bright blues too! Because I'm afraid it brings out my yellow toned skin even more. I like the soft blue color you used and the eyeliner is awesome! I just got this new palette that I can try to create some daring looks with so bright blues is definitely one I'd like to attempt :D i normally like dark blues like you! :p

SummerBabe said...

I dont like that blue shadow on you, I think the others suit you better!

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Sarah♥ said...

I like this look, I think its subtle not over the top, but blue is really hard to pull look adorable with glasses :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

LOL @ the typical asian look, it reminds me of this scary makeup an older woman (who wasnt asian, but whatever) was wearing at a Clarins counter recently - think sky blue eyeshadow up to the brow :|

This is super cute! I'm still scared of blue, and am scared to use it other than in dark looks or pops of colour on the lashline. :3

seyma said...

i really liked that look:)i'm not asian but my skin tone is kinda like you maybe i can give it a try too

Cara said...

AH i think you look adorable! it's not too blue so it doesn't look childish or over-played. i like it!

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Tina-Bobeena said...

love that sea color!!! Its so pretty! reminds me of The Lil Mermaid. hehhee Great FotD!

Shilka said...

I know what you mean about shying away from blue - it's not only typical Asian, I remember it being ubiquitous in Eastern Europe in the 80' as well! But I think as long as it's bit smoked out, and not paired with heavy colored lipstick, it will look nice :D

Marce said...

I don't use much blue shadow, only now and then, and only dark, navy blue. But it is a nice colour and it looks great on you!

di said...

It's so beautiful, I approve