Saturday, November 27, 2010

NOTW - OPI Rumple's Wiggin

This polish is from the OPI Shrek Collection that came out earlier this year.  It is my first lilac, light purple color nail poish, which at first I hesitated to buy as I was not sure if it will turn out pretty one my nails.

Overall, I absolutely love the color!  It is such a soft lilac color, very girly, yet it is different.  I got lots of comments because it was different and a very pretty color.

NOTW - OPI Rumple's Wiggin

On an earlier post about my Ulta Haul, this polish was one of which I got a good deal on.  Overall I paid about $4 since it was 2 for $10 deal.  I wasn't going to go for a lilac color polish, but I bought it on a whim, and super excited I tried it out!  Definitely a color anyone can pull off, soft and pastel color, but catches many eyes.  I need to do at least 3 coats for an opaque look, and can be kind of runny.  Once finished, those 3 coats looked amazing!  With no top coat (I forgot), this polish lasted me about a week before it started to chip.  I definitely will look into purchasing more colors and colors especially in purples and lilacs.


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