Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surf Baby! Just in time for the Summer!

Who's ready to do some Surfing baby?

Already out online and at most MAC stores, this is one big makeup collection that MAC has put out.  
It has everything from shadows, lipsticks, glosses, powders, liptints, pigments, liners, polishes, you name it! 
The only thing missing is probably a Surf Board with the MAC logo on it (just kidding ;)

Some of the lovely products include:

Hangin Loose & Ocean Dipped Nail Laquers

Bust Out, Hibiscus, Mocha, Naturally Eccentric Lipsticks
Saffron, Short Shorts, Sun Blonde, Surf USA, Swell Baby Shadows
The rest of the products:

For Full Information on all the products do check out MAC Cosmetics online or go to your local MAC store/counter for assistance.  Also, after checking online last night, I did notice that some of the popular colors have been sold out or is restocked soon.  So that means, get them while you can before its gone!

What are you getting from this collection?

I'm just looking to spend my $$ on the eye shadows, lip tints, pigments, and 
maybe some of the powders, but who knows, I may just buy everything. LOL


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Shop N' Chomp said...


Hi Mary! Hope you're doing well. :)

Oh my gosh, I told myself that I wasn't going to get anything from this collection and whaddya know? I couldn't resist and did. :P I got the "My Paradise" blush.