Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Hope your day was filled with Love, Joy, Laughter, and Romance.

I had an awesome weekend with the Hubs and Friends. It busy and lovely.  The Hubs and I have been trying to save money, so Dinner was good enough for both of us.  He did surprise me with a small gift saying "I love you". He's the best!

It was the Hallmark Flowers that at the press of a button it Blooms and opens up like this:

I also made some Yummy cupcakes for work since it was V-day and my boss's Birthday! Gotta Love Strawberry and Yellow cake.  I absolutley love the Pink Sugar Pearls I use on the frosting.

Hope You had an Awesome Valentine's Day! Love Ya!



Anonymous said...

happy valentines day, the cupcakes look yummy

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Oh wow! I love the Hallmark flowers! And I fell for that yellow strawberry cake!! :)The ver look of it is stunning :)!!

Stylish By Nature said...

Happy Valentines Day :)

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❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

hey, mary... those cupcakes look delish. hope you had a great v-day. :)


Girl on Broughton Street said...

I adore the cupcakes - such a great way to spend v-day!

Maria Bastida said...

yummy cupcakes!! hope you had a great day ;)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg I've never seen those Hallmark Flowers before. So cute and pretty! Great gift :D I also love how you baked cupcakes for V-Day and your boss' b-day! They look delish.

mitchinheels said...

You make me hungry with this cupcake photo here.adorable blog sweetie.xx
following u now.
hope u can check out my blog and do the same.I'll be waiting for u,xx


Diana said...

Love the pictures! hope you had a great valentines day! ^_^