Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dreaming of Closets

Lately I've been pretty busy with getting things ready for the home Mr H. and I will hopefully be getting soon.  One main aspect of a house I would consider is the Master Closet.  I currently have a small closet, not a walkin, full of items that are over flowing.  I needed a walkin closet, which the house we like does have and its a pretty good size.

I've done a bit of picture research of what items I would love to have in my closet.  If only I had a closet the size of a bedroom, I could totally do whatever I wanted, however I don't, so I can only dream of the most amazing closets I will never have.

Dreaming of Closets:

I'm in Love with this one below:

This will probably the closest I get to dream closet.

I actually like the last picture design because it looks just about the right size for the walkin closet in the house and it has many different aspect that I need for all my clothing and accessories.  Who wouldn't want a closet like Mariah Carey or Kimora Lee, I sure would love one, but then again I don't have that many items and I would not know how to organize everything. I know that I definitely want space for shoes, dresses, drawers, clothing accessories, and more space. Still looking at different alternatives and seeing what will be most logical and easiest for everyday life.

What would your DREAM CLOSET have?


*all images via google*


Eugenia said...

I love the closets that I've seen on the "Housewives of ___" series!!

Anonymous said...

i want, one day i will have ;-)

rolala said...

Mary you're so lucky you might be getting your own walk in closet soon! These are all amazing! I think a few are the same size as as 1 br apt. in NYC lol ;)
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
rolala loves

AdmiralBiatch said...

Oooh you're definitely not the only one with a lustering for a closet ! I'd have an entire wall, filled with shoes ! The longest wall of course !

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Who needs to have a guest room? I think we should all turn our guest bedrooms into fab closets!

Sunnie said...

you're tagged! Please check out my blog for details.