Monday, February 4, 2013

Jewelmint Febuary Picks

Jewelmint's month of Febuary is full of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces perfect for Valentine's Day or any day in the month.

Having been only 4th day of the month, many items are already sold out or close to being sold out.  That being said, there is probably some very good items in this month's showroom.  This month's showroom showcased lots of soft golds and pinks, however a few striking colors also made up the rest of the color palette such as a few blues and greens. 

Here are some of my Jewelmint Picks for the month of Febuary:

Morning Dew Necklace
Pave Premiere Earrings
Bronze Web Cuff
Chandelier Bib Necklace
For a monthly subscription of $29.99, Jewelmint fans can get there hands on one of a kind jewelry pieces that appear in the monthly showrooms.  Like most monthly subscription products, you have the option to skip the month or buy a piece.

I do have a few pieces from Jewelmint and so far I've been pleased.  Yes there are some hits and misses, but definitely worth trying if you haven't.

 What's your Jewelmint Pick for February?


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Jenni said...

oh i love that wrist cuff there!! I wish it's summer soon so i can bare my arms and sport those beautiful hand jewellery!!

since its winter time and there's not much point to roll my fingers in some sleeves and mitts and gloves :D