Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sam Edelman "Gigi" Haul

Quick haul post for the blog! Too many things been happening. New job, New baby, New everything!

Summer's here so I decided to get myself a new pair of sandals.  I've been eyeing Sam Edelman sandals for awhile now but I couldn't justify paying the prices for sandals.  Living here in Florida, sandals are our primary shoes that we were since its practically summer year round.  So sandals are a necessity in my book.

I finally found a Sam Edelman "GiGi" sandal that I've been wanting especially in black which seems to always be out of stock.  Super cute, but not as quite comfortable as I would like, but oh well as long as it works for me.

The best part was that I got it about 40% off retail at TJ Maxx which definitely made my day.  I've only seen Sam Edelman shoes maybe twice before so I know it doesn't pass through these stores often.  It was a "I better get it before its gone" moment for me! Happy haul for me!

 Time to Stroll the Beaches!


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Jen Lavenders said...

These sandals are gorgeous! Enjoy them! ^_^