Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oh My! The Mother Lode

Tonight I was on Sephora's website looking at all the new holiday sets that came out for this season.  I haven't been keeping up with what's new so I hadn't really heard of anything that would catch my eye. But OMG I came across Urban Decay and saw the coolest Limited Edition set so far.  Technically not a holiday set, but very special indeed.  
As a Limited Edition Collectors' set, Urban Decay created and called it "The Mother Lode Shadow Set".  Eyeshadow fans you got yourself a complete set of Urban Decay's loved eyeshadows, not just a few but  68 colors in all.  Plus you also get a Build Your Own palette to pick and choose which shadows you want to carry around.

"The Mother Lode Shadow Set"

 What Sephora says:

To celebrate the relaunch of their bestselling Eyeshadow, Urban Decay created the ultimate collector’s set—a kit so exclusive, it will only be around for a limited time. The comprehensive set includes all Urban Decay’s shades in full-size, individual pop-out compacts, from super smooth mattes, pearly satins and shades loaded with shimmer and glitter, to gorgeous duotones that change color before your eyes. Use the enclosed four-pan Build Your Own Palette to create your own customized collection, and then swap out shades whenever the urge strikes.

The set retails at $595 but valued at $1234.  When I saw the price my mouth nearly dropped. Who would spend that much on shadows?  Then I got to calculating the prices and found that if you really get down to details this set is definitely quite a deal.  For an empty palette and 68 shadows, you are literally paying about $8.50 a shadow compared to the $18 retail price for each shadow.  The price for this set is about 50% off retail. 

The only thing that would be hard for me is actually forking over that much money all at one time for the set.  I tend to buy things one at a time over time not all at once.  But if you really think about it, I may be spending much more money over time than all at once.  Do I make any sense? lol.

Now if only I can pull out a whopping $600 out of my wallet then maybe just maybe I would get it.  This is definitely a collector's item and for any ultimate Urban Decay fans, but for now, I'll just stare at it and add it to my wishlist.

You can only buy the Mother Lode online at  

Who Wants This For Christmas?


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Jasmine Jones said...

I saw this about a month ago. It looks amazing! If only I were rich... haha
Nice blog :)