Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Cosmedicine Primary Care Moisturizer

This is currently my favorite Moisturizer, in which I need to get more, since I’m almost out. I’ve always had a little of oily skin, so I didn’t really need to apply moisturizer after cleansing, but within the last year, my face started to get very dry and dehydrated. After I finished washing my face, my face was so dry and would start to get itchy. It probably didn’t help that I live in Florida, and the heat could dry my face up too. So I was on the look out for a new moisturizer. It took me a long while researching low and high end moisturizers, looking for reviews, and ever getting samples to try. I like the fact that usually higher end products I can get samples (ie: sephora), but with drugstore products you have to buy the product in order to test them. After testing a few samples, I decided to try this one.

Cosmedicine Primary Care Moisturizer – SPF 20

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What it is formulated to do:

-Reverses dryness

-Helps repair the appearance of lines and wrinkles

-Bolsters skin's defenses, enhancing its ability to protect itself from both internal and external assaults to help prevent future damage

Clinical trials using state-of-the-art high resolution tools measured: -65% reduction in skin dryness -32% improvement in skin elasticity -31% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles -21% increase in hydration -71% increase in protection against free radical activity caused by UV Radiation

Recommended For SKINSTATES: -Basic Skin Health -Excessive Dryness -Sun Protection

Product: 4 blushes

Price: 3 lippies

Overall: 4 eyeshadows


~ Gives me enough hydration and moisture for my face

~ Comes with sunscreen SPF 20, which means I don’t have to apply so much.

~ Comes in a Tube, just squeeze!!

~ A little goes a long way!

~ No distinct smell (which I like, dislike per fumy smells)

~ Very good with lessening my acne. (hence the primary care label)

~Absorbs quickly and is super lightweight


~ Can leave a slight oily sheen on face (got use to it though)

~ Pricey @ $38

This moisturizer can be found Sephora or on

Overall, this has been working fine for me especially during the last few summer months. It has kept me hydrated and my face is much softer and less dry. I’ve noticed after a few months of using it, that my skin as gotten so much better. (will vary)

My acne has cleared up a lot and hasn’t been scarring as much, in which I like. It’s pricey, but worth my every $$ that spend.

I will be buying this product until it doesn’t work for me anymore.

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