Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beauty Sample Bag from Target

Free Beauty Bag filled with Samples & Coupons from Target:

Hurry and fill out the form needed to receive your own beauty bag filled with samples from Target.  These samples are far and few; as Target only has limited quantities.  All you need to do is answer 5 survey questions about beauty and enter your contact information. Within 4-6 weeks, your bag will arrive.

I personally have received different cosmetics samples from Target and this has yet to be the biggest samples of them all.  I already signed up and can't wait to get them. 



Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

Thanks :) i totally signed up for one

Covered In Chocolate said...

Sweet! Thanks Mary! You're the best!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Boo I missed this! T_T Btw Mary I am having problems adding comments to your other blog (Boxed Up Beauty) and I'm not sure why? Also when I scroll down I see the same entry twice on the same page. Maybe it's just my computer?

P.S Thanks for entering! :)