Sunday, December 4, 2011

NOTD: BYS Pink Manicure

Quick Nails of the Day photo:

I did a quick free hand French Manicure with the BYS Pink Manicure polish.

I'm still working on perfecting my polish stroke to get a clean line, however I'm not an expert yet.  Any Tips?  I just don't have the time to use polish guides to help me.. I just need to get it

What I used:

BYS Pink Manicure polish (for the tips)
Seche Vite top coat (love)

What are you wearing today?



Shop N' Chomp said...

For being a quick free hand, you sure did a nice job! :D I just posted this on my blog but I'm rocking OPI Big Apple Red...woot!

Label me Addict said...

Hey babe,

you have such a wonderful blog and my favorite post of all is the WISH-LIST balenciaga post!!!

♥ Label me ADDICT ♥