Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello Kitty @ Target

I love Target.  Its awesome to live super close to one, however its kind of bad too as I tend to go there often.  This past weekend I was just looking around some of the home kitchen items for the house and found a whole wall of Hello Kitty items.  Yes, I've seen things here and there, but not all bunched up together. 

I found it rather cute and exciting to see that many home items were in Hello Kitty brand.  Its like going to Japan and seeing Hello Kitty everywhere.  I didn't get anything as the hubby probably wouldn't appreciate having to see Hello Kitty everyday in the kitchen lol.  Maybe someday he'll give in.

Isn't it cute?



Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg I need that microwave!

Iyah Love said...

Everything is just so cute!!! :D

Glam Sparklen n' Glitz said...

Everything just wonderful. It's beautiful gifts for kids. Kids loves it.