Friday, January 11, 2013

Care For Some Spring Fresh Rolls?

One of my favorite Asian foods or snacks would be Spring Rolls or otherwise Fresh Rolls. Yes, there are different types of spring rolls out there with many types of fillings. I think I like almost all of them. The only ones I kind of dislike would be the ones with tons of veggie fillers and not enough meats or noodles. I'll probably still eat them anyways cause I like them that much.  All I need is my Peanut Sauce.

Here's a version that I love eating that my SIL made for us one day:
(sorry only one picture, should have taken more)


Spring Roll wrapper
Egg Roll wrapper (rolled skinny and fried)
Deli Meat (we used ham and turkey)
(Any other fillers you would like, but we made it simple)

Peanut Sauce *I"ll have to share this one day*

This is a very simple recipe, no need for lots of cooking. The only labor part would deep frying the egg roll wrapper and assembling the spring roll together. However with lots of people helping, it doesn't take long to assemble them.  I just love to assemble and eat right away, that's my take on it.

The best part that I like of this version is the crunchy egg roll piece in the spring roll. Gives it awesome texture. Add some Peanut Sauce or Sweet Hoisin Sauce and you have a yummy snack to enjoy.

I want some now!


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