Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So a few weeks ago, I entered a Birthday Contest hosted by lovely mayaari It was to guess when her birthdate was, and to my surprise, I guessed right, along with a few other people. The other surprise, was that my birthday is exactly on the same day as hers, April 17th. So this is my first contest that I won so far on blogger, I'm not too lucky in winning, so I guess this was a blessing. Fast forward today!! I came home from class, and found a package on the dinner table. I thought to myself, I didn't order anything, or swapped anything, why do I have a package? After a few moments, I was like "O Yeah!" its the contest birthday gift thingy on blogger. I was super excited as to what was in the package. Diana was soo kind to include all the goodies in the package, I was super surprised and happy!!
Birthday items: SO MUCH STUFF!!! I was super excited when I saw this!! MUFE Aqua Eyes!! Thanks Diana!!!
Thanks soo MUCH Diana!! Greatly Appreciated!!
Overall I had a fun birthday weekend, but super exhausted. I took Friday off, to finish some school appointments (i know super lame!! ) and then spent the rest of the day with the husband.!!


psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hi there! Sorry it look so long to reply to your comment! The Benefit blush trio should have been $20. And the eyeshadow quad is already claimed. If you're still interested in the Benefit blush trio, let me know and we can arrange a meet up. Thanks!

Miss Yaya said...

congrats :) its like a bday gift for u

Pop Champagne said...

Congrats!! That's a cute PEZ dispenser <3

GiLiNG said...

Looking forward to those posts!!!
btw, i awarded you on my blog =]

Kitty In Da City said...

hey mary! are u in the nyc area? i haven't heard anything about the estee lauder warehouse sale but there are alot of CCOs around the area which probably has similar things!