Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to the Beauty Club!!

Monday, I got stuck in traffic coming home from work, so I took a shortcut through town. As I was coming home, I was thinking to myself, and remembered that I should go get myself a Sally's Beauty Supply Card (i know, soo random). Not exactly, I needed to get a new clipper for my husband's clipper, and why not get a discount too while I'm there. I've always wanted to get one, but never really went to go and get it, well never really had a reason to go get. lol

It was pretty easy to get it, as I thought I would have needed some credentials or something in that nature. I just asked the lady, signed up, paid my $5 membership fee, and I get discounts for one year. How awesome is that!! They also have another Professional Discount Card for licensed cosmetologists.

I assume the discounts apply to most items in the store, and most will be about 10-20% off retail. I know it's only a few cents off, but hey, that's great when I'm trying to save at the same time, or have more money to buy other things. Even though I spent $5 for the card, I already got back my money since I bought some polishes and a clipper blade for the husband. I think it's an awesome deal for anyone who's wants to save, but get good products too!

(please excuse my nails, been in between nail polishes! )

Products offered at Sally's Beauty Supply Store: ~ Professional Salon items: Hair, Nails, Face, Body ~ Lashes: mainly MOD or Ardell Lashes ~ Nail Polishes: China Glaze, Fingerpaints, Orly, etc.

Me with my Green Card! lol
"Save on Every Product, Every Day!"


fuzkittie said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for the nice comment! :D Congrats on your card! Hehehehee.

Jerah197 said...

There is a surprise on my blog for you :)

Spashop said...

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