Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simple Wedding FOTD

Quick Face of the Day look for you guys!  The Man and I recently went to a wedding of a friend of ours.  I was running around town doing tons of errands, so I didn't really have much time to glam myself up.  So this is the simple look I came up with.

Simple Wedding FOTD

Sorry, I don't remember what I used on my face, I could guess but I may be wrong, so I won't list anything.  I decided just to do a quick one eye color look, so I went with a deep maroon/purple look, I think I used a cream color from my Revlon palette to get it that color.  As for cheeks I love rosy pink cheeks, so MAC Instant Chic was used here as it is a lighter rose pink.  For lips I am probably 95% sure that I used MAC Bare slimshine for the look.  That's one of my all time favorite lippie, too bad its discontinued.  That's about it! I didn't have much time to do my hair so straight it is.

Hope you like! Its simple to create as I was using only minimal colors.