Friday, August 19, 2011

Wishlist: Balenciaga

So lately with the help of friends and our lems for anything beautiful, I've been lemming for handbags.  High end bags that is.  I don't own any very expensive bags, just because they are expensive and I didn't really get into collecting purses or even using them until recently.  I love my wristlet, but many times I do need a purse.

After chatting with my friends, we came up with a few name brand bags that we would ultimately love to purchase one day, though it may take long to save up for it, I think eventually I want to get at least one of them.

This week's wanted item is:  Balenciaga Handbags

My Favorites:
Classic - First
Classic - Papyrus Velo 
Argent Fonce City Silver
Papyrus Giant Rose Gold Town
Papyrus Giant Silver Envelope
One of my Favorites - Black Papier A4

Whew!! That's a lot of handbags to go through.  There are definitely more that I like, but these are my favorites so far.  I think Balenciaga bags are beautiful, unique, and would be great to have.  Now if only I can convince the Man to get one. *fingerscrossed*

I'll be posting more of my Wanted Items periodically on the blog. Watch out for more.  In the mean time, tell me what are you wanting at the moment.

Do you like Balenciaga?



socialitedreams said...

i've been stuck on wanting a balenciaga bag lately myself! great minds think the one with the rose gold hardware, so gorgeous

Vonnie of

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

awwww i want!! ><

organic foundation said...

Very nice and trendy smart bags.I think it is just not the dress...the accessories and the shows that you complete the look with also carry a lot of weight.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Oh man, I LOVE Balenciaga. Cannot afford their bags though! :p

Shop N' Chomp said...

I do! Nice list! =D

DSK Steph said...

Yay!! For couponing! :D I love Balenciaga! I still want a Velo. :D