Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Giveaway of 2010! Winner!
So I had 9 entries for this year's first Giveaway. I'm soo happy that I had more people enter this giveaway, which means that I could possibly have more soon (I have some planned soo! yippee!).
Here were the entries: 1. Angie 2. Audrey 3. imnotapenguin 4. Emme 5. Claire 6. Christy 7. Shop n Chomp 8. (Angie) 9. (imnotapenguin)
And the WINNER is? (using random.org)
5. Claire
Claire will be receiving the "Too Faced World Domination Tour Makeup Box"! I hope you like it!
I can't wait to continue to blog and share more with you guys! Though I may not be the best looking girl, good at pictures, good at makeup, etc..I still love beauty and love blogging!

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CC said...

Too bad I didn't know earlier, I would have joined! :)