Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sephora "Good Bye 2009, Sweet Deals under $10"
So today I had nothing to do so I went to the mall to look around. WOW the mall was packed, for what?? I didn't really get it, I guess everyone was like me and did not have anything to do lol. I ventured into Sephora like I always do and what do I see right when I walk in? Hopefully you're thinking like what I was thinking! YEAH!! A SALE!! Yep they had a table set up right in front of the store with a bunch of items for $10 or less. It was there "Good bye 2009 table" with items that were $10 or less. Most of the items were smaller items that you could pass up on, but I didn't. Items that they had were: Too Faced Green Glitter liner Too Faced Galaxy eyeshadows for $8 (retail $19) Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow x2 for $10 So I came home and checked Sephora online, and what do I find? The sale is online as well, which is even better cause many of the items on the table were sold out! So if you want to score some cheap goodies, head over to your local Sephora store or go online to get them before they are officially gone or get more expensive. Check for more details! I'll post my small haul coming soon! Also remember to enter my GIVEAWAY!! for 2010 in the previous post!!


Anonymous said...

American bloggers keep going on about Sephora - and now thanks to all the hype I have this wierd fascination with it. It is now officially a life goal of mine to visit one of their stores. Well done Mary, its partly your doing lol

Christy said...

isn't this awesome?! yay!