Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Smashbox HeartBreaker Collection Spring 2010
This collection is for all you girls who loves "Pink, Girly, Pretties, and everything in between". This spring's collection is super cute and the colors are amazing. Perfect for Spring! Going on theme of "Heartbreaker" all the colors are perfect for breaking hearts and mending hearts! LOL. Collection Details and Swatches: Heartbreaker Eyeshadow Palettes: $34 (2 palettes consisting of 6 colors and shadow palettes) "Kiss n 'Tell and Hot Date" Swatches: Kiss n 'Tell (top row) & Hot Date (bottom row) I love the colors of these palettes. Kiss n 'Tell has pinkish/smoky tones to the palette, whereas Hot Date has warm/cooler tones mixed into the palette. The payoff when I swatched them were pretty good (as known by smashbox). For $36, this is pretty good for a nice size palette with 6 colors that are great all around. Other items from the collection: Heartbreaker Lip Shine Heartbreaker Roller Gloss Lash DNA Mascara Heartbreaker Fusion Soft lights in "Baked Starlight" Heartbreaker Fragrance O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color Heartbreaker Liquid liner pen
Available online/instore at Sephora and Smashbox simplybeautiful

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Angie said...

cute colours used in this post :)
do you know of any nude lipsticks that look nice? i've been dying to try some but i don't want to look like a cullen xD