Thursday, January 21, 2010

The She Space *About Face Cosmetics*
If you are a fan of mineral makeup and a fan of "The She Space", the About Face Cosmetics line is being discontinued from the company. Heather, owner of The She Space, has decided to end the cosmetics line and venture into her other passion of cosmetics, her "Hope Quest" cosmetics line. According to her post in her message boards, she cited that she wants to pursue her Hope Quest line in order to encourage women and be a hope to them when they order her makeup. All eye shadow pigments are being discontinued and to be sold until stock is out. Some items may move over to the new line, but it is still up in the air. It's is surprising that one would give up the money and popularity of the cosmetic line, but I totally understand why Heather would rather follow her passion and do what is right for her. As of now, many colors are still available at $2.50 an item. I love her eyeshadows, they are amazing. Its sad to say goodbye, but I'm glad she is still going to expand her "Hope Quest" cosmetics line. So go and get them before they are gone forever.
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Shop N' Chomp said...

I always hear about this brand but never got around to it. I know they have a big fan base. I think there will be a lot of sad peeps. =(

P.S Thanks Mary for your sweet comment!