Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be-Lated Valentines Look and Dinner!

Hope that everyone had a lovely Valentines Weekend! I did! Had a great weekend spending time with Mr. H and not having to worry about anything. I told Mr. H not to get me anything this year, all I wanted was for him to take me shopping on Monday, since it was a holiday. Anyways he didn't listen to me; so what I got from him was this GIGANTIC Love BEAR! it is the cutest thing ever. I don't even know where to put it, its soo huge! LOL. I feel so LOVED!

So Sunday night we made plans to go to a fine dining restaurant in town called Roy's. It was are first time there, so it was an experience. We were super hungry that I forgot to take pictures of our first 2 courses, and only took the last two. The menu was a preset of 4 courses of various entrees you could choose from.
Here's what we got:

Filet Mignon
Pork Loin w/ Cheese Brie filled Pastry Puff

Desserts! Yummy!

Yummy Chocolate Souffle, absolutely my FAVORITE!
The restaurant was awesome! We had great service and totally enjoyed fine dining. All the food we received were delicious and great! Not one bit bad at all. Though it was super duper expensive, they were kind enough to include a gift card for the next visit. Will visit again!

FOTD for Valentine's Day

Now to the look of the day! I don't know somedays, I just have those bad days when my makeup is not turning out the way that I want. I had to switch it up so many times, I just gave up and did a quick smokey eye cause we were late. I also curled my hair in which I turned out good, just wished my hair weren't so frizzy on top. But here's the look anyways!

(eyes closed...semi smokey look)

Wow this is a long post! Welp, Mr. H did take me shopping on Monday, and I'll be posting that haul hopefully by this weekend. I got some good things and wanting to share with everyone. Again, I had a wonderful weekend, Mr. H was the best as always!



Tina-Bobeena said...

love your hair!!!!!!!!!! it's so pretty! did you use your new curler?

Angie said...

omg delicious! and great look!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, I totally just came back from Roy's tonight! Love their famous choc souffle. *drools* I love what you had during their V-day celebration, sweetie and you look soo pretty! :D

I wuv that bear! ;)

Sarah♥ said...

looks pretty :))