Thursday, February 11, 2010

YAY! I've Finally Reached 100 Followers!

YAY! I've Finally Reached 100 Followers!

I'm so glad everyone of my followers and readers are reading my blog and excited to see what's ahead for my blog. This is very motivating, makes me want to post more and give more of a reason to blog post, for all of you!

I would love to hear from you guys and read your comments. Feel free to ask me anything and request any looks or tips needed! I love to research and hopefully will find the answer for you!


I've reached 100 followers! Which means you said it! another GIVEAWAY!
I still have yet to finalize what the prizes will be and the rules for the giveaway so stay tuned!

Comment here to let me know what you would like to have in the prize package for this upcoming giveaway! ......i'll consider them all!

Many many more blog posts to come and hopefully some videos! Catch you all laters!



Angie said...

:) Congrats Mary! I'm glad you like F21 too

leecha said...

OMG, congrats!! That was SUPER DUPER fast!!!!

Tina-Bobeena said...

YAY!!! that went by like nothing!! CONGRATS!!!

Shilka said...

Congratulations on reaching 100 :D Keep it going! :D

Mary said...

Thanks girls! Angie, Leecha, Tina, and Shilka. you guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations +^~^`! I added you a while back but I have waay too many blogs on my bloglist but today I'm taking some time to comment!!