Thursday, February 25, 2010

Color 4 Quad

Part of MAC's huge Spring Forecast Collection, Color 4 Quad is one of the items that I picked up from my haul I posted last week.  I've use this quad a few times now and I totally love the colors.  Neutrals and Golds are my favorites and this quad has both neutrals and some shimmer. 

Product Review:
Color 4 Quad
(with flash)

(swatches with flash)

(no flash)

~Very pigmented (all four colors has awesome payoff)
~Color coordinated quad
~Neutral/Gold colors with slight shimmer

~Pricey but when compared to buying then individually, its still a better deal
~New Packaging (bulkier, harder to open, easily fingerprinted)

Rating:  4/5

Overall, I like the quad. The payoff is pretty good to me and far better than recent ones that MAC have come out with.  I can never have enough golds and neutrals, so this palette is a good addition to my collection.  The only problem that I have would be the packaging.  This year MAC changed the new quads from the older ones to these new quads. They are thicker and bulkier; for me its sometimes hard to open, and fingerprints are easily left on the clear plastic cover.  Aside from the packaging, I don't regret buying it, I've been using it and so far like it! For $36, it does seem like its expensive, but for 4 colors, its a good buy.

~(Intense) Layer one by one, the more the build the more intense the colors become
~(Soft) Keep it simple! Light strokes of each color will give you a warm but subtle color!

The Spring Forecast Collection is still available online and at many MAC store locations. 

(This product was purchased by me. I have no affiliation with said company)


Shop N' Chomp said...

I love neutrals too. What a beautiful quad! =D

Jessica Mai : said...

Aw thanks for the lovely comment & compliment girl.

I have actually been eyeing this quad.
Like you, I can never get enough of neutrals and gold toned shadow either.

I have been trying to hold off on buying anymore shadows until I finish or hit pan on a few more...but Im soo tempted to. (esp.after reading ur review)

Love all your reviews.
Ill definitely be back to read some more.

Jess Mai

Serena said...

$36 for 4 is a pretty good deal. I was looking at this exact palette when I was at the MAC store awhile back. I really like the bottom left shadow. The bright golden orange one.

I had the same problem while trying to open the new quads! I thought something was wrong with me {*LOL}. I thought I was going to break the case or drop it.

Lisa said...

Great, thanks for the swatches!
The colors are beautiful! I just wished that brown was a tad darker since all the colors are pretty neutral toned.

Tina-Bobeena said...

lovely colors!!! can't ever go wrong w/ nuetral quads!

coffretgorge said...

nice neutrals! cant wait for your EOTD! :D

Jonesy said...

wow really pretty colors!!

Nice blog : )

I am a new follower! Check out mine too when you get a chance.

Mary said...

Thanks again girls!..I love neutrals..haha...coffretgore, will have EOTD coming soon!

Angelique said...

Hello doll :]. Thanks for commenting on my post!!

Love the colors of that palette you bought :].. Thanks for the swatches. They're pretty!

P.S. - I'm a new follower <2\3