Thursday, February 4, 2010

What MAC Spring Forecast Girl Are YOU?
With MAC's upcoming launch of "Spring Colour Forecast", the variety of color and products are amazing. MAC decided to launch a collection for every spring girl in 4 different color shades. Whether you are Color 1 girl or Color 2 girl, every color is different and unique. The 4 collections contains various eyeshadows, lipglasses, lipsticks, New eyeshadow quads, New Crushed pigments, and New Blush Ombres (love). Hopefully I will be able to get some swatches soon for the blog. Not sure if I'll buy anything, I'm on a no buy for awhile, gotta save for them books and school. (omy) But if you do have a chance to, check out the collection at your nearest MAC store or counter.
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Angie said...

i nominated you for a blog award :D