Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Plans?

What are you doing this weekend?  Any Plans?

Since last weekend was a holiday, this weekend is just like any ole weekend as usual! What a bummer right?  Not really, if you plan ahead or just go with the flow, there are countless things you can do! 

Whether you have money to spend or not?  Driver around town, go to different areas of  your city and EXPLORE! I love to explore, just kinda get lost and you'll find great places to see, eat, shop.

Well today I"m gonna head back to the MAC store and get some items that I was looking at last week. I'll do a post on my haul (if any) this coming week!

I'll like to see and know what you hauled or did this weekend as well!

Have a Awesome Weekend! 



Serena said...

Another MAC haul?! OoOoo... I can't wait to see what you get this time.

I was at a MAC store yesterday eyeing the exact same Spring Colour Forecast "Colour 4" Eyeshadow Quad in your previous post but the store was just too packed and I was not in the mood to wait in a long line.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Another trip back huh? Niice! Today was kinda lazy for me. ;)

Tina-Bobeena said...

boy did i have a haul on friday night. LOL!

ning * star said...

i want MAC haul.... haha, but till now feb is going to end soon, i still didnt get any Mac items! le sigh~

leecha said...

Can't wait to hear and see what you got!! Have fun!

Swtest2Lips said...

Hi Mary, cant wait for your haul! I love looking at haul pics...but then it influences me to buy more makeup that Ill use a few times and neglect. lol