Friday, May 21, 2010

BeFlurt! Girls! Check it out!

So I found another website that sold discount and wholesale makeup!  YAY for all of us!  Who doesn't love getting a great deal for a great product!

From what I gather, this a relatively new website, as I haven't heard much about it on the blog or youtube scene, but I'm so sure that it will definitely catch on.

Yes, definitely check out for awesome deals!

Makeup Brands:

Estee Lauder
Bobbi Brown

Prices from what I see and searched through range anywhere from $7 to $30+. So yes you can definitely find bargains for makeup that many times are way too expensive, limited edition, or discontinued.  One draw back would be that because most products are limited edition stocks and discontinued, the stock supply is small and will vary. But hey, I most definitely like to have a variety stock of different items, so I can keep on spending! Isn't that Awesome! 

The nice people at were nice enough to give me a Very Special Discount Code for all my readers to enjoy shopping at the site:

Get 15% off any orders $50 or more by entering my special code: simplybeautifulyou
(ends June 18, 2010)

Currently this is for US orders until I can confirm if it is available for international readers as well. Sorry!

Tell me what products you would buy from