Monday, May 3, 2010

NOTW- Purple Glitter!

I wanted to do something bright and spring colory for my nails, so I pulled out my nail polish stash and saw this one. It was full of glitter, and I guess that week I needed some glitter in my life. Finals are here and its pretty stressful, so glitter to me is full of fun and surprises!

Quick NOTW - Wet N Wild "Wild Shine"

close up

I took me at least 3 coats of the polish to get it opaque and have the glitter show up well.  With just one coat, the glitter does not show up as much, but a few more, it will be gorgeous.  One thing I did find with this polish, is that it chipped super easy. Not sure if it is because of the glitter and the grittiness of the polish, but it chipped the next day already.  I love the color, hint of pinks and purple glitter in clear polish, but chipped a little too easy for me!

What polish are you nails this week?



julianne. said...

thats such a fun polish!

Covered In Chocolate said...

what a coincidence- i got that very same nail polish last weekend.

Sarah♥ said...

Looks really nice on you :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Very cute and girly :3 it reminds me of a polish my sister bought me years ago

Maribel said...

Hello! I wanted to know when you will choose the winner of your contest, that said you would choose the 1st of May and we are 4th. I love your blog, keep it up.

Marce said...

That's so pretty! I really like it :)
I had an orange polish on on the weekend, now my nails are bare!

Tina-Bobeena said...

this is sooo cute! i see that jannie already commented bc she picked up the same color. it's just too adorable!

Mary said...

Thanks girls! I def love glitter! hehe

@coveredinchocolate and @tina

cools! that you and I got the same np...we can wear it together! yay!

@marible sorry finals this week, and swamped with studying..will have it ready for next week.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, I love how super blingy this is!!

susies1955 said...

I have that polish and love it. LOOKS nice.
Hey who won your giveaway?

bella♥ said...

i think it's the brand; cause i have several from wetNwild and they chip super easy too.