Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vapour Organic Beauty

"Vapour is a new prestige beauty company set to revoluntionize the luxury beauty market with its innovative delivery system, unparalleled skin affinity and sophisticated color artistry."

 Vapour Organic Beauty - Product Review

Aura Radiant Blush - Mulit-Use Blush for Lips, Cheeks, and Eyes ($28)

I liked this product the best! Because of its multi-use, I know I can take it anywhere with me and use it for the eyes, lips, or cheeks.  For me personally I liked using it as a blush, just a hint of pink shimmer for the cheeks.  The color in Whisper is a peachy/pink color which I think suits me well.  This is almost like cream blush, but in a stick form, which is super easy to use!

 Elixir Lip Gloss - Sultry ($20) 
This lip gloss is in a squeeze tube which is easy to apply and no need for a wand. The only thing I would say is that its a little small for the price and the color I had was not as pigmented on my lips.  Overall it has hints of shimmer to it but not to over whelming and has a good consistency, not sticky like other glosses.

Halo Body Spotlight - Moonlight ($34)
no flash
"A Kiss of moonlight for the whole body"  This is an awesome product! What I liked about this product was that it is in a stick form, which is super easy to apply to the body.  Just rub it in the area you need and blend with your hand, no messy cream or spray.  It gives a soft shimmer glow to the body and highlights the best of the body!  This is definitely something great for those summer days out and about!

Product Rating:  4/5 

Vapour Organic Beauty products prides itself in using the most natural and organic ingredients and materials for its products.  Most items are consider at least 70% natural which is great for the body and the environment.  All items except for the glosses come in a stick form, which I think is great, since its easy to use and versatile.  Yes prices are a bit high, but I say you get what you pay for. You get the most organic and natural products out there plus its good for you! The smell of the items I got were much different from what I'm used to in traditional products, as it has a sort of citrus or fruity smell, but I got over and ended up liking it as well.  Overall, aside from those two things, these are great products to try and learn about.  Anything that is overall organic and natural is always good in my book.

Vapour Organic Beauty can be bought exclusively on www.ShopNBC.com and www.VapourBeauty.com


(These products were sent from PR for consideration.  This review is based on my own experience and personal view of the products. I am not affliated with the brand)

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Angelique said...

thanks for the reviews & swatches. The colors are beautiful & the makeup line looks interesting