Monday, May 17, 2010

NOTW - Estee Lauder "Satin Gold"

This week's Nail of the Week features an Estee Lauder nail polish.  I got this polish at a MAC warehouse sale last year in NYC for free as a freebie gift.  I totally forgot that I had it because I put it in another drawer that was full of stuff I don't ever use. I decided to go through that drawer the other day and found this nail polish.

NOTW ~ Estee Lauder "Satin Gold"


(please excuse the my messy nails/cuticles...need to get them done!)

I think I own like 2 products from the brand Estee Lauder and this nail polish is one of them.  From the looks of the bottle, the color looks like a peachy pink color, but once applied you do get a hint of gold.  The application is smooth and not too runny, which is how I like nail polish to be.  The jar it self is in a square shape which is kind of not my thing, (gosh, I'm so used to round bottles like OPI) and is kind of small.  As for color, I applied 3 coats to get an even color, but 2 coats was good enough and went opaque really well.  After a year of sitting in a drawer untouched, the nail polish was still useful and definitely one I would keep around to use more often.

For free, I like very much! But for $18, I am sure there are plenty of other peachy gold color nail polishes out there for way less than that!  Also this color isn't available on the site anymore! boo!!

What are your FAVORITE Peachy Gold nail polishes?



ning * star said...

normally peel off mask only works for my face, but they are harsh. Most of the times, nothing works great for my nose... ha... but the homemade egg white on cotton pad works pretty nice :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hmm...good question. I don't think I actually have any peachy gold polishes. =( Must.get.some. ;) I love this color on you!