Thursday, March 18, 2010

Create Your Own Kit - Smashbox

For one week only, SMASHBOX, is letting you Create Your Own Kit.

Mix and Match a total of 3 products that you will get for just $33. How awesome is that?  Also included is Chic Black Woven bag that will hold the products.

You can personalize your pick with 1 eyeshadow, 1 blush, and 1 lip-enhancing gloss of your choice! 
All in One Kit, just for you!

These would be my choices:

                                                      Minx Eyeshadow              Paradise Blush Rush                  Pixel Gloss

Again for $33, this is a deal you can't pass! So hurry girls and get them while you can!

You can order this item at

(I have no affiliation with said company)



ning * star said...

nice choice of blush color <3

projectvee said...

thanks for stopping by!
loving your blog haha - these are really nice picks :)

Ahleessa said...

I also received the e-mail and thought it sounds nice, but I needed to pass... hehe~ I started my No Buy deal yesterday *sigh*.

Stephanie said...

oh i love the pixel gloss! strange but I use a mini sized version of it, but when I checked it out at sephora the color seemed different. I hope it was just mislabeled.

you should try sasa!

Jenny said...

i was playing around with this just yesterday! but i really shouldn't be spending so i had to sadly close the window :(

following you now :) please follow my blog!